Mathematics and the Yi Jing: A selection of resources


Leibniz, binary arithmetic and the Yi Jing:

Daniel Goldenberg, "The algebra of the I Ching and its philosophical implications", Journal of Chinese Philosophy, 2:2 (March 1975) 149–179 [low-resolution scan]

Andreas Schöter, "Boolean algebra and the Yi Jing", The Oracle: The Joumal of Yijing Studies, 2:7 (Summer 1998) 19–34

relative probabilities of coin and yarrow stalk divination methods:

The so-called "Watkins Objection" to Terence McKenna's "Timewave" theory   (2012 update)

Trigrams and real Clifford algebras (rather technical, of minimal interest)

Tony Smith writings on the Yi Jing, Clifford algebras, fundamental physics and just about everything else:  [1]  [2]

Charlie Higgins' webpages on "Mathematics of Alchemy & the I Ching" (now defunct, archived from 1999)

Paul Martyn-Smith, "Basic I Ching Math" [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  (videos, rather difficult to follow)

The Reality Report — Matthew's videoblog

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