Pok the Bard: bardic tracts and other writings

Ancient Warriors (bardic tract, 2007)
[2013 video excerpts]

Avalon by Coracle (bardic tract, 2006)

Book of Bok, The (1993), with illustrations

BORIS (1986, incomplete)

Chameleon (play, 1989-1994)

Death To The Green Man (play)

Druids, The (bardic tract, 2007)
[video (1)] [video (2)]

Epitaph (1988)

Epos Propagandum (unfinished sprawl, 2006)
[1] [2] [3] [4]

Goatborg Unbound (radio play, 1993)
[2013 video]

Gwyn ap Nudd (2006)
[video, excerpt]

Inamorata (1992)

King Lune (play, 2013)

Lament for the Tara Lanscape (poem, 2008)

Laughing Sun biog for Wud Records (2008)

Le Cri de Melusine (2006)
[video excerpt]

Letter to Whoever (A squatter's thoughts, St. George's Theatre) (2005)

Niberu Attacks (bardic tract, 2008)

Pok the Bard Tells of Himself (2012)

Pook of Pok, The (1994)
[video excerpt (1)] [video excerpt (2)] [video excerpt (3)]
[video excerpt ("worms")] [video excerpt ("Speak We Gnomes" (1))] [video excerpt ("Speak We Gnomes" (2))]
[animated video]

Rock'n'Roll Prophecy Presents An End To War (album description)

Rose On Lewes Road (2010)

Sumer (2006)

Tara Oh Tara! (poem, 2007)

To What Primal Power (bardic tract, 2006)
[video (someone else reading)]

True Kings (bardic tract, 2006)
[2010 video]

Wearyall Hill (bardic tract, 2009)
[Apple of God version]

Whatever Happened to the Atomic Children? ("unfinished sprawl")