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  13/03/2015 It's very sad to announce that Children of the Drone have just lost a great friend and musician. RIP Mick Whieldon, a consummate guitarist and dynamo of enthusiasm and dedication in the Exeter music scene.

 First COTD session in years with the three original Droners (Keith, Simon, Matthew W), joined by fourth member Henry and five others [07/01/2015]

 We've been finding a lot more videos on YouTube using (acknowledged, Open Source) COTD audio for soundtrack material: someone's Thai holiday slideshow, cycling in Sri Lanka, a 60th birthday in Katmandu, some kind of war-themed computer game demo (?), a digital art project plus all of these on Vimeo.

 A couple of videos have surfaced with some COTD audio content: A brief excerpt from a short film about blacksmithing [1:55–2:19] and a short film about a bizarre fusion of Dungeons & Dragons (the role playing game) and yoga in Brooklyn [0:55–end]

 April 2014: Tim and Laura have set up The Plymouth Institute for Blind Artists. Tim has also been creating a documentary entitled The Knotweed Factor, the title derived from a poem written by the film's subject, COTD's own poet, James Turner.

 The actual date passed a few months earlier, but a pretty good proportion of the COTD population gathered for the 10th anniversary session on 13th August 2011 out at James S's farmhouse a few miles west of Exeter. This was jokingly called a "Drone-a-thon", but we went for 10 hours, rather than 26-and-a-bit. With various Droners coming and going throughout the day, there were continual changes of lineup, instrumentation and musical atmosphere. In actuality, we went for 9.75 hours, with a few breaks to eat, drink and socialise (not bad though!). It all got recorded, and an edit can be heard here.

 Someone's been blogging about us in Estonia! (a translation is here).

 Matthew W has published the a trilogy of psychedelically-informed books about the nature of mathematical reality

 Simon has uploaded an atmospheric videoclip to YouTube of a rather ominous 30 seconds from the (otherwise unrecorded) 06/04/10 session

 Compilation no. 8 is now available for streaming and/or downloading. Compilation 5 has now received over 19,000 downloads (and some of the other compilations and sessions are getting up into the 1000's – who are all these people?)

 (Spring 2010) James T and Annie Q were recently involved in an improv happening up at CCANW. The enthusiastic review included a favourable mention of COTD.

 Someone's been blogging about us in Taiwan! Google have provided a partially accurate, highly amusing translation.

 Polish filmmaker Marcin Blajecki has used a small excerpt from one of the pieces onCompilation no. 7 as part of the soundtrack for Vinculum, whichhe describes as an "experimental, niche 3 minute movie". Curiously, the soundtrack also involves someone reading a list of prime numbers, one of Matthew W's major interests.

 We've been getting some airplay on the John Peel-inspired Dandelion Radio. DJ Matt Jones went as far as to refer to "the really rather special improvisational genius of Children of the Drone" in his program description page (probably the nicest thing anyone's ever written about us!).

 COTD provided live improv soundtracks to some silent films (Maya Deren) during local DJ/art collective Birds, Orphans and Fools series of "Hidden Cinema" screenings in the cellar of The Hourglass, one of Exeter's more interesting pubs.

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