Ail Fionn music

Sint-Niklaas, Samhain 1995
Cadamstown, Spring 1997
Sint-Niklaas, Spring 2001
Lodes, Autumn 2002
Les Hourquets, March 2005
Cork, May 2006
Snailfriends vol. 1, vol. 2
Overpoort Sketches, 1994   Winter at Maugha, 1996-97
   (rather lo-fi, these two!)
Gezellig (Inity Session vol. 1)
(Flanders, 2009)
Lannemezan (Inity Session vol. 2)
(South of France, 2016)
Live at Pixies Hall!
   (brief video footage of a jam inside a Cornish fogou)

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Jamming with Sven (left) as we crossed Lago de Atitlán, Spring 1996
These are some lo-fi recordings made in West Cornwall with a collective of travelling folk musicians (the Dongas Tribe) between 1997 and 1999. This one is the best starting point.  
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