High in the French Pyrenees, near Mijanes, autumn 1995

Ail Fionn inge

Inge started playing classical guitar at an early age. She had very little awareness of any other forms of music until around the time she met Matthew. A rapid exposure to reggae, folk, free jazz, psychedelia, etc., and, in particular, a handful of Incredible String Band albums, led to an explosion in her musical creativity. Around the same time, she discovered the mandolin.

The latter half of the 1990's were spent playing in conjunction with Matthew's saz playing, and then, together with various members of the nomadic Dongas Tribe, in West Cornwall. Towards the end of the 90's she began to explore the fiddle.

Since 2000, she's been living in France, and has diversified, now playing accordion and clarinet, as well as returning to the guitar. She walked with her mules Zymbii and Zayin from Britanny down to the Pyrennees, where she's now living, teaching and studying music. She started an eclectic klezmer/gypsy-swing/reggae band called Farat el Moutlazov (now defunct).

Recently Inge has been studying jazz and playing in a baroque music ensemble as well as a folk trio called Youshka.


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On the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, 1998
On a beach in Holland, 1994
Busking in Truro, 1998