A Tiny Window

at The Grey Mare and Her Colts (long barrow), Dorset

A Tiny Window is a name I came up with to act as a sort of umbrella for all my otherwise unclassifiable musical collaborations.

Here is a complete listing of A Tiny Window archive recordings in the Internet Archive's open source Community Audio collection (most recent nearest the top). There are a few more bits of archival recording on the way, and (I hope) quite a lot of new stuff being added periodically.

A diverse selection of recordings can be found on my Soundcloud stream (a new track added each week).

I also still play periodically with Exeter-based collective Children of the Drone (which I co-founded in 2001), occasionally as half of Ail Fionn and, once upon a time, as part of the late 90's Cornwall-based Dongas Tribe.

All of this (and more) is documented in a music blog I maintain called The Spring: A chronology of musical meanderings.

In recent years, the music slowed down somewhat, as I was busy working on a trilogy of psychedelically-informed books on the nature of mathematical reality from late 2006. Volume 3 was finally completed in July 2013. From 2010-2012, I was playing regular sessions with a low-key Canterbury-based improv collective called Random Article and the odd session here and there when off travelling.

Since 2014 I've been part of a Canterbury-based acoustic project which has evolved into a kind of experimental musical theatre thing called "Binnewith Amnesiacs".