Children of the Drone music

A considerable amount of our music is now available for downloading or streaming from the Internet Archive in their (open source) "Community Audio" collection. The complete set of COTD links can be found here.

As well as having uploaded the worthier excerpts from all of our sessions since 26/05/05, we have put together a number of compilations – collections of tracks suitable for downloading and/or burning to CD (remember those?). These are the recommended starting point for exploring our work, as individual sessions can be quite unrepresentative, varying greatly in both style and quality. We suggest that you start with the most recent compilation (no. 8) and work your way backwards, as we tend to get better at this the more we do it.

compilation 8      compilation 7      compilation 6      compilation 5
compilation 4      compilation 3      compilation 2      compilation 1

Opthalmologist Frogspawn    (earliest recorded Dronings)      sort-of-in-dub    (a few reggae-flavoured jams)

session excerpts    (all sessions from 26/05/05 to present)

Radio Drone    (save this link, then open in your favourite media player and set to shuffle)

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